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Superior Sprinkling? More like Inferior Sprinkling. After 5 years of saving for a down payment on a home, I was finally able to qualify for a loan to purchase a home. I felt extremely grateful for this opportunity in my life, but this feeling would quickly be destroyed by the services of Andy and Jeff Ludwig at Superior Sprinkling.

To my great surprise, after I moved in, the sprinkler valve boxes were overflowing with water. These were your standard valves and nothing out of the ordinary, besides the boxes being completely filled with water. So, I ask for a referral from a family member and was given the number for Andy at Superior Sprinkling in Salt Lake City Utah. I thought, I better have these repaired so I can maintain my lawn and not be one of those neighbors whose grass is dead.

Now I do not deny I am a novice when it comes to sprinkler systems. I have never fixed one. All I have done is turn one on. So my instinct was to have Andy from Superior Sprinkling come out and assess the repairs needed on my valves.

Day 1 - Call to Andy

I called Andy on Friday, July 6 and setup an appointment. He says he can be there the following Tuesday, July 10 at 7 a.m.

Day 5 - Initial Assessment of sprinkler system

Andy makes to my house at 9:30 a.m. He sees that I have 11 valves; the box in the backyard was completely flooded and the box in the front yard had a minor leak. He decides to replace one of the four valves in the front, even though the backyard was the major problem. After replacing the one valve, the other three begin to leak badly. He tells me he has to go to another appointment and leaves a big pile of dirt on my lawn (which ends up yellowing it). He gives me a quote for the total repairs and I agree to it, even though it is more than I had anticipated.

Days 12, 13, 14, 15 - A week later with no water in the heat of summer, Andy's awaited return delayed

So Tuesday, July 17 comes and I am expecting Andy to fix my valves, but no show. He calls and says he will come tomorrow. I wait all day Wednesday and call Andy: no answer. He finally returns my call Thursday, almost a week and half after the initial assessment, and says he will be there Friday.

At this point, I am very frustrated. My grass is dying, I have this big pile of dirt on my yard, and I can't water. My expectations for Superior Sprinkler repair are all but lost.

Andy ends up replacing the valves in the front yard, where there never was a big problem in the first place. He digs a huge hole in the back yard with the 7 valves and only replaces one valve. The remaining 6 are leaking and he says he is done and that if I want those valves to be fixed, I should call him back. He charges me a bill for $75 more than his original quote to me and I ask myself what he actually fixed. I had him come out to fix the flooded box in the back and he replaces one valve and does nothing to resolve the problem. In my naivety, I wrote him a check to pay for a service not requested.

Day 16 - I water my lawn after 15 days of not watering and it floods my lawn, and my two neighbors' lawns

Day 18 - I decide to call Andy back

I call Andy back and talk to him about the problem. He says he can come out and fix the remaining valves for $200, seeing that he was supposed to have done this in the first place. He tells me he will call me back to let me know when he can come out.

Day 19, 20, 21 - No word from Andy

Once again, Andy disappears. So, now after 3 weeks of dealing with these sprinklers, I decide to contact the owner of Superior Sprinkling, Jeff Ludwig. He decides to come to my house the following day to assess the situation.

Day 22 - Jeff Ludwig July 27

Jeff's makes it to my house at 9 a.m. in his enormous, brand new truck. I show him the valve boxes and he begins to berate me on contacting him about the service of his employee, and then begins to defend Andy for the good service he provided over the previous 3 weeks. Now, this caught me off guard. I thought he was just going to come out and fix the valves. That is all I cared about. But instead, he tells me Andy should have charged me $400-$500 more for the service provided and if Andy comes out again to fix the remaining valves it will cost another $600; so, $600 to replace 6 generic $15 valves which should have been fixed in the first place. At the same time, he is saying that he is not trying to scam me or take my money. I obviously do not have $600 more to pay for valves, so I tell him Andy had quoted me $200. He then tells me he doesn't want my business and tells me good day.

End of story, my valve box is still flooded, my pocket book is now $350 less, and countless hours have been lost. Superior Sprinkling with Andy and Jeff Ludwig was a terrible experience. I recommend anyone looking for sprinkler repair or landscaping to look elsewhere. Save yourself time, frustration, and money.

As a new homeowner in this struggling economy, it greatly saddens me to know of these types of businesses that only care about doing as little work possible and taking people for as much as they can.

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